Group Investors Business Model

Business Model

At the core of our strategy, we aim to continue to grow our world-class global aviation services group to meet our customers’ ever‑evolving needs. Working in partnership with our clients, suppliers and employees, we are dedicated to delivering tailored solutions and the very best service. Our strategy is underpinned by our culture, to ensure that we put the customer at the heart of everything we do.

Strong leadership, reputation and market position

Our business leaders have considerable expertise in the fast evolving, high growth aviation sector. Over almost 60 years in operation, we have built long-term relationships and a robust reputation within the industry. We have developed a market-leading Charter business and a Safety & Security division which is amongst the world’s most influential in aviation safety.

A culture of service and innovation

We use our expertise to provide innovative solutions that exceed our customers’ needs, reinforcing our brand reputation, growing sales and profits and delivering long-term value.

Diverse and high quality global customer base

Our customers are at the heart of every decision we make. We are proud of our global, blue-chip customer base which spans multiple sectors as well as military and civil organisations. Within this, no one customer makes up more than 10% of gross profits on our run rate business.

Clear long-term strategy

As well as a firm focus on performing well today, Air Partner plans and acts for the long-term. We aim to grow a global aviation services group, in line with our customers’ needs, consistently putting customers first to drive shareholder returns.

A focus on growth – both organic and through acquisition

We aim to grow organically by capitalising on global aviation market opportunities, cross-selling our services between divisions, driving internal efficiencies and investing appropriately. We are also successfully diversifying earnings with investment in the less cyclical Safety & Security division.

Sound financial position

An asset light business with a track record of strong cash generation, which is a factor that underpins our long-term growth strategy.

Shareholder returns

The diversification of operations, to offer a more complete portfolio of aviation services, is leading to improved quality of earnings. As well as reinvesting in the business for the long-term benefit of all stakeholders, we have a track record of delivering strong returns to shareholders, having distributed £13.5m in dividends over the past five years prior to the advent of COVID-19.

Where we add value

For our customers

We are diversifying our range of aviation services for our customers. We source the right aircraft to meet our customers’ needs globally. In our Safety & Security division, our customers benefit from our leading understanding of best practice.

For our suppliers

The airlines we partner with can rely on our professionalism and experience to market their aircraft effectively to our broad, global customer base. Our Safety & Security offering means our network of partners can benefit from our extensive training offering and large client base.

For our people

We aim to run a business that is equitable for all, regardless of gender, race, nationality, disability or any other difference, and treat everyone fairly and with respect. We are keen to ensure that people remain engaged and challenged to reach their full potential.

For our shareholders

Our long-term objective is to grow our business by diversifying our portfolio both organically and through acquisition. One of our aims is to invest in our Safety & Security business to increase the forward visibility of earnings, thereby smoothing the volatility in our Charter business.