We are fully committed to acting responsibly across all of our business operations, and reducing our impact on the environment is a key influence on the decisions we take.

Delta Simons logo

Delta-Simons Environmental Consultants, part of the Lucion Group, are working with us to calculate the baseline carbon footprint for global greenhouse gas emissions from our business operations in line with our annual requirement to undertake reporting of emissions for global operations. Delta-Simons have also made a number of key recommendations to assist with carbon reduction which have in turn influenced our ESG strategy.

We have also developed the ways in which ESG is communicated to colleagues and stakeholders internally to improve colleague awareness and engagement of the ESG agenda. External messaging is even more considered and developed via a new monthly ESG focus meeting.

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We are very proud of our partnership with award-winning carbon reduction organisation ClimateCare who helped create the voluntary carbon market and deliver some of the largest voluntary carbon offsetting programmes in the world.  Our all-new scheme automatically enrols our customers to offset their carbon emissions on their private charter flights.


Customers can feel confident that ClimateCare applies a sector-leading, enhanced due diligence process to every project they support.  This ensures that projects are well managed and integrated into the community and local environment.​​​


We are also working towards reducing our own carbon footprint as an organisation by switching to renewable energy suppliers, reducing our paper consumption, and enabling hybrid working.  


To find out more about the work ClimateCare are doing, download the fact sheets below:


Bondhu Chula Stoves (PDF: 2.7MB)

Global Renewable Energy (PDF: 3.3MB)

Gyapa Stoves (PDF: 4.7MB)

Orb Energy (PDF: 4.2MB)


Raleigh International

We’re committed to understanding and improving the impact of our operations on the environment and society, which is why we’re delighted to have partnered with Raleigh International.

As a youth action organisation supporting a global movement of young people to create solutions to the world's most urgent problems such as the climate emergency,  this partnership demonstrates our commitment to promoting a sustainability-driven culture across the group.


Through this partnership, Air Partner will appoint project leaders on Raleigh International’s projects and initiatives that involve rewilding and nature conservation, while raising funds to fight climate change. They will also receive training on environmental campaigning skills and oversee the leadership development and health & safety of a group of young volunteers aged 18-24. 

Re-green Raleigh photos 

A number of colleagues are also taking part in Raleigh’s Tree Planting Action Challenge.

"We are thrilled to be working with Air Partner and its employees to support the team’s focus on sustainability and environmental change as part of its ESG commitments. This is  an urgent issue in the UK, as we have seen with the government’s net-zero strategy and forestry targets, so it is fantastic to see Air Partner’s focus in this area.”​ James Sutton, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Campaigns & Communications at Raleigh International


Resource Consumption

Through our ESG colleague working group, we are always looking to find innovative ways to reduce our impact on the environment as a business.  The digitisation of services, reducing the paper that we use, and further embracing the use of video conferencing technology are just some of the ways that we are making positive changes.

Sustainable Aviation Fuel

We recognise that burning conventional aviation fuel on flights is a major contributor of greenhouse gases.  For this reason, we are undertaking a full review of the potential use of sustainable aviation fuel as a cleaner alternative with considerable potential to reduce carbon emissions.  Such a significant but important shift involves collaborating with our key partners to develop the scope for widescale use across the regions in which we operate.

Sustainable Procurement

We aim to develop a sustainable procurement policy for the group to consider key environmental factors when purchasing goods.  As part of this process, we will be producing a set of standards for suppliers to meet in order that our customers can be satisfied that we are sourcing from responsible sources.

Flight Waste

We will be working on a project to review waste and recycling levels from flight operators to better understand where improvements can be made.  Part of this work will involve considering more sustainable options, including partnerships with catering companies.